Following the huge success of our past four seasons, New York English Academy is proud to offer new literature-based English courses in the heart of Pisa!

Unlike traditional English courses, these new and original courses focus on the great masterpieces of English literature, creating a perfectly inspiring atmosphere for learning English.

Fear not! We will not be using the original versions of these books, but rather special versions of these texts written especially for those studying English!

Lessons are 90 minutes each, and not only will we read and discuss the texts together, we will also listen to recordings of the text, watch portions of the filmed versions, explain key grammar points, and practice writing our impressions – all of which will allow students to expand all of their English skills.

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  • Each course has a maximum of 8 students so that we can properly focus on each student’s needs and allow all participants the opportunity for  plenty of speaking practice.

  • The first trial lesson is always free, but reservations are absolutely necessary! The lesson must only be paid for if you decide to enroll in the course.

  • After 30 hours of attendance students will be offered an official ‘New York English Academy Certificate of Attendance’.

aliceinwonderland_1 70-Great_Expectations_large 1984_poster Arkham cover D final    sense-and-sensibility