A new cultural meeting point for

Pisa’s English-speaking community.

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New York English Academy, in line with its motto of ‘Learn English through your passions!’, has teamed up with Cinema Arsenale to create a series of cinematic social events in English that aim to bring together Pisa’s unique international community of students, professors, travelers and English-loving locals.

Cinema Arsenale has long hosted quality English films in their original language and now they will start following some of these screenings with a new ‘English Movie Happy Hour’ – the perfect opportunity to practice your English while sharing your impressions and interpretations with film-lovers from around the world!

New Events Coming  Soon!

When cinema is at its best, its impressions linger with us long after the credits roll and the lights come up and we are excited about providing a platform where we  can all meet and exchange our impressions and perspectives – all in the warm, informal atmosphere of a traditional Happy Hour.

We look forward to welcoming you a ‘English Movie Happy Hour’ and we hope to be able to provide you with many more exciting programs in the future!

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Previous ‘English Movie Happy Hours’:

14.04.2016 Preceding the Screening of ‘LOOKING FOR RICHARD’ by Al Pacino

15.02.2016 Following the Screening of ‘STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS’

24.11.2015 Preceding the Screening of ‘BANKSY DOES NEW YORK’

20.10.2015 Following the Screening of ‘COBAIN: Montage of Heck’

08.06.2015 Following the Screening of ‘FOCUS’

26.05.2015 Following the Screening of ‘INTO THE WOODS’ (Original Arsenale Program Notes and article in Il Tirreno)

21.04.2015 Following the Screening of ‘BIRDMAN’ (Original Arsenale Program Notes)