Free English-Training Resources for Your Pleasure!

We have dedicated this space to sharing all sorts of interesting free and useful resources to help you learn and improve your English.

We will be updating this page regularly, so make sure to keep checking in!

If you know of something interesting that you’d like to share with other students, please send it to us and we will gladly post it here!

(New York English Academy cannot assume responsibility for the safety and legality of all websites listed here. We try our best to verify each website, but we ask you to please use your own good judgement and discretion!)


SMS Biblio – Pisa’s only free lending library with many English books, including readers from Macmillan and Penguin

Blu Book – Blu Book, part of Palazzo Blu, has a growing collection of moderately-priced English books, especially children’s classics. – Big collection of classic short stories which you can print and read.

Audio – American public radio, no commercials, just very interesting conversations on all subjects. Great for practicing American English.

BBC Radio – Great for practicing British English. – Many audio books with read-along texts. Great for learning pronunciation while reading great material.

Video – Fascinating brief presentations on many topics. Great for learning the art of ‘presentations.’ – Great interviews, interesting subjects, many accents

Grammarbytes on YouTube – Fun videos explaining English grammar.

English Spelling Absurdity – Funny video to make you feel better about English spelling.

Websites – Simple explanations, exercises and free tests for all areas of English grammar – More advanced, yet simple grammar explanations.

BBC: Learning English – Great free online lessons.

BBC- Learning English – The old BBC site, but still has many great resources. – Good site for learning how to pronounce names in English – site with many links to all kinds of English resources.

Tests – Free practice tests for all Cambridge exams, IELTS, TOEFL, etc. – Free test to check your current level of English.


Cinema Arsenale – Screenings of English films in their original language (Pisa)

Cinema Lanteri – Screenings of English films in their original language (Pisa)