Public Courses & Events

New York English Academy always aims to offer new and original courses and events for English lovers of all levels and backgrounds.

Please see the Courses sections Events of this website for more information.

Do you have an idea for a perfect course or event but can’t seem to find it anywhere?

Just let us know and perhaps we can make it a reality.

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Custom-Tailored Courses and Seminars

Do you need to train employees in various departments, all with very different needs?
Or perhaps you would just like help preparing for a big seminar or conference?
Or maybe you just want to improve your email and letter writing skills?

We can certainly help!

At New York English Academy we take great pride in offering highly-customized services which allow our clients to progress at maximum speed while saving valuable time and money.

No two companies or students are alike and absolute flexibility is the hallmark of New York English Academy.

We have helped companies and individuals of all types and backgrounds and we look forward to preparing the perfect package that will help you reach your goals.

Language Consultation

Need help with English versions of your marketing texts and slogans?

We can help ensure that your international English-speaking clientele gets the exact image and message that you are trying to communicate – whether it be online, print, video, recorded messages, etc.

With more than 20 years’ experience working with companies and organizations of all types and sizes in both the U.S. and Europe, we believe we can help you find the appropriate words and tone for your global audience.

Translation & Proofreading

In addition to traditional translation and proofreading services, we would also love to help you add that extra layer of clarity and polish to your existing translation(s) – whether it be an academic paper, business proposal, grant application, etc. – to make sure that your intended ideas are exactly what English speakers around the world will understand.